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BC Video is committed to bringing you video programming that presents alternative views to what we are being taught.

Many of these shows were originally seen on network television by millions. But the response from the academic community has sometimes been at odds with the public reaction of acclaim.

Here are some of our most popular titles, followed by a link to many other videos that may cause you to wonder...why haven't I heard of this before?


The Mysterious Origins of Man

This NBC Special rockedglobe the world by presenting evidence that man may be much older and much more advanced than we are being taught. Evidence of advanced technology from our ancient ancestors is presented with clear explanations that may cause you to reconsider man's origins and rise to civilization.

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The Mystery of the Sphinx

Is the Sphinx thousands of yearsSphinxProd4 older than history tells us? The answer may lie in the stone itself. While virtually all the monuments on the Giza Plateau are eroded by wind, the Sphinx and surrounding enclosure show unmistakable signs of water erosion. But there has been no significant rainfall in that region of the Sahara for over six thousand years. Find out what the implications of this geological fact are, and the reactions it has caused.

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old sphinx and camel


Judy Griffin and Red Rose

The Healing Power of Flowers

Does the essence of a Flower1 simple flower have the ability to help cancer patients heal? Mainstream medical facilities are turning, more and more, to complimentary approaches to alleviating pain, without drugs. Learn what major hospital includes flower essenses in its treatment of cancer patients.

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