The Healing Power of Flowers

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The Healing Power of Flowers, a new release from BC Video, is a one-hour documentary that follows one woman's journey into the mystical world of the flower kingdom.

Dr. Judy Griffin, a nutritional chemist was dying from Crohn’s disease when her prayers were answered by a very unexpected source: the flower kingdom. According to Dr. Griffin, the flowers gave her instructions on how to heal herself, and others, using the essences of specific flowers.

Join us as we learn some of the secrets from her garden and listen to other scientific experts who are helping to create a natural compliment to traditional medicine.

Dr. Judy Griffin
Dr. Judy Griffin

Eliot Cowan, author of Plant Spirit Medicine, shares ancient secrets for communicating with plants, which he gained in working with Mexican Shamans.

We will accompany an 82 year old Yaqui Medicine man named Kachora, as he gathers rare plants in the wilds of Mexico and receive a special guided tour of Dr. Judy Griffin’s garden, while she explains how each flower heals a specific imbalance in our personalities.

Kachora, Yaquii Medicine ManKachora, Yaqui Medicine Man
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For example, the essence of Iris helps restore energy for people who are fatigued from working with a computer and the essence of French Rose which helps people "who think fat think thin".

The pioneering research of Dr. Griffin in developing her line of over 100 flower essences is being tested in major hospitals and has been hailed as the Future of Medicine. After seeing this film, you may never look at flowers in the same way again!