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Seventeen Seconds to Sophie

My wife Carol is pregnant and although the pregnancy takes nine months, the film only takes one minute. Winner of The Shorts International Film Festival and tied for first place in the Charged 60 Second Film Festival. Recent Honors: a clip of Seventeen Seconds to Sophie was used in the imaginative French feature film, Amelie! Look for it in the opening scene, which depicts how Amelie's mother was inseminated and gave birth to the headstrong young girl.

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Two Bananas making love. My first film, made in college. It toured all around the world with Universal Pictures Kinetic Arts Series in the sixties, was mentioned in a CNN story with Jeanne Moos in 1999 and was resurrected recently when it tied for first place at Charged 60 Film Festival (with Seventeen Seconds to Sophie). The PLAYBOY Summer Shorts Film Festival has just accepted Bananas in this years festival. Its nice to know that the activities of two randy fruit still have "appeal".

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