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Mysterious Origins of Man

Charlton Heston in front of ape print.
Hosted by Charlton Heston


In the one-hour Companion to The Mysterious Origins of Man, the experts speak in greater depth, un-constrained by the limitations of network television. This program presents shocking evidence that challenges many of our accepted theories about the rise of man.

The third program in the Mysterious Origins of Man series is Jurassic Art. Two bizarre collections of art which show men with dinosaurs. An investigation of the controversial Ica Stones and the Acambaro Figurines: are these great archaeological finds, or elaborate hoaxes?

Created by the producers of NBC's Emmy-Award winning The Mystery of the Sphinx.

Check out our new list of controversial videos and DVDs, which present an alternative to what is being taught about the history of man.


Similarities between Egypt and the Americas.
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Bronze clamp from Tiahuanaco
Bronze clamp from Tiahuanaco

The Video Series

Learn about the Mysterious Origins of Man Series: three shows that started a revolution.

Learn why these programs have been the center of controversy from the first airing in 1996 on NBC, to a review in the May/June 2003 edition of Archaeology Magazine. Science writer Garrett Fagan mentions The Mysterious Origins of Man in his scathing article entilted Far-Out Television.

Read the some of these extreme reactions to this show and the producer's response.