The Mystery of the Sphinx (Broadcast Version)

Presents, for the first time ever, the controversial findings of author/egyptologist John Anthony West that the Sphinx was eroded by water: in a region of the Sahara Desert that has been dry for 9,000 years. This observable geological fact means that The Great Sphinx must be at least 9,000 years old: TWICE AS OLD AS HISTORY TELLS US!




Paw of Great Sphinx


The HALL OF RECORDS was described by the famous American psychic Edgar Cayce as a hidden chamber containing all the records of humanity's history, including the Lost Continent of Atlantis. He said the entrance would be found under the paws of the Sphinx! John Anthony West's team of seismologists, headed by Boston University's Professor Robert Schoch, discovered a square cavity directly beneath one of the paws. According to the experts, it did not appear to be a natural formation. Could this be the Hall of Records of Atlantis?


BC Video camera crews explore a mysterious cavity at the rear of The Great Sphinx. The legends say the entrance to the Hall of Records is beneath The Sphinx, where sub-surface passageways lead to secret chambers within The Great Pyramid. Underground readings with a seismograph have revealed the existence of such passageways, but permission from the Egyptian Government to investigate has been denied, so far.



Crew at rear of Sphinx