Jurassic Art

Jurassic Art is the third program in The Mysterious Origins of Man Series. Join the investigation as an independent archeologist tracks down evidence so controversial it's been virtually ignored by mainstream science. Do these collections represent the greatest archeological finds of our time or the greatest hoaxes in history? You be the judge.


Prying open the locked store rooms of museums, and peering into the dens of Peruvian grave-robbers, Jurassic Art investigates two bizarre collections which depict the impossible: a people who lived with dinosaurs.

The Ica Stones and
The Acambaro Collection

ica dinosaur

Thirty years ago, thousands of engraved stones and statues were found in a cave near the mysterious Nasca Lines in Peru. Dr. Javier Cabrera established a museum in the small town of Ica to house this enormous collection. Visitors from all around the world have visited and marvelled at the images which seem to things that were impossible for ancient man to know.

Drawing of men attacking dinosaur

The images on the Ica Stones include:

  • Realistic depictions of Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Pterodactyles
  • Ancient pilots maneuvering strange craft above a herd of dinosaurs
  • advanced surgical procedures including a heart transplant
  • men attacking and subduing dinosaurs with hand axes.

Stone with dinosaurs Acambaro 1

Some claim these Ica Stones are an ancient library left by a lost culture. Others say the entire collection must be a hoax. Were these bizarre works of art created during the Jurassic Period, over 200 million years ago? Orthodox science says this is impossible. However, 3,000 miles away, another enigmatic collection was discovered with striking similarities.



Grouping of Acambaro Figurines
Reptian creature on woman

Over 33,000 clay figurines in Acambaro, were collected by Waldemar Julsrud and are now on display. Famous cartographer Charles Hapgood (Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings) investigated the collection and wrote articles about them. They depict:

  • Fantastic creatures resembling extinct dinosaurs.
  • Mythological figures suggesting that ancient Egyptians traveled to Mexico.
  • Reptilian creatures involved in strange interactions with humans.