Responses from the Scientific Community:

"Most of the ideas presented...were so ludicrous as to not even warrant a rebuttal by any honest investigator." (L.W. Mt. Wilson Observatory) "I think you should apologize publicly for this show. It was appalling... Frankly, you are either morons or liars." (D.L. Colorado. Edu)

"...the non-scientific public watching this drivel may be inclined to actually believe it and to vote for politicians who also believe it." (J.K. New Mexico State University)

"It's all a bunch of hooey, and my recommendation is to stay away." (B.D. Yale University)

"I recommend people write NBC and protest the presentation of this show as a documentary... Thanks largely to the efforts of people like yourself, the American public is generally not capable of evaluating the "arguments" and "evidence" you present." (A.D. University of Texas at Austin)

"Any person who would trot out the old canard about "evolution is still a theory, not a fact" cannot be a serious producer. You people should be ashamed of yourselves." (R.S. Geology Department, Gettysburg College)

"...the American public will soon be reduced to a gaggle of conspiracy theorists that will not trust a single thing they are told." (T.H. Astronomy Dept. New Mexico State University)

"You should be banned from the airwaves." (J. J. ALCI)


Response from a literary review:

The Mysterious Origins of Man - review

It's Indiana Jones meets The X-Files in this intriguing program that tackles the age-old question "Where did we come from?" Hosted by Charlton Heston, this offers a fresh spin on many ancient mysteries by presenting radical ideas that fly in the face of accepted theory. The Archaeologists and geologists interviewed contend that there long has been a massive cover-up -- literally -- in the scientific arena of any artifacts that contradict accepted theories and that such notions, including Darwinism, are just "interpretations" of evidence and not proven truths. In addition to Darwin's missing link, assumptions challenged include the age of humankind (some evidence suggests we're far older than believed), whether people existed at the same time as dinosaurs (maybe yes), and the existence of an advanced race who built the great wonders of the world and were mysteriously wiped out by a natural disaster. The program is capped off by the proposal that Atlantis lies beneath the Antarctic ice. Whether you believe any of it or not, this video nonetheless makes fascinating viewing. Highly recommended.

-- Michael Rogers, "Library Journal"

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