The Companion to The Mysterious Origins of Man

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In the one-hour Companion to The Mysterious Origins of Man, the experts speak in greater depth, un-restrained by the limitations of network television. This program presents shocking evidence that challenges many of our accepted theories.

Designed for the viewer who is satisfied with nothing less than the complete story, The Companion Tape is a must for those who yearn for a deeper explanation of man's origins.


Milton at White Cliffs of Dover

Richard Milton is a science writer who investigates some of the shortcomings of the scientific method. For example, he argues that our current methods of dating are highly interpretive and using these methods, the age of the earth can be dated at 175,000 years. Milton shows how this interpretive use of certain dating methods has been used to defend long-held theories that should be reconsidered.

As this video series demontrates, the origins of mankind is still a mystery and there are many theories to consider. Creator of the television series Sightings, Linda Moulton Howe discusses her meeting with the Airforce Office of Special Investigations and allegations that human beings were genetically engineered by aliens.

David Hatcher Childress tells of reports of live Pterodactyls disturbing gravesites in New Guinea.

ET illustration from Linda Howe
ET illustration courtesy of Linda Moulton Howe from "Glimpses of Other Realities: Vol.1"