Peru's Mystery in Stone

"High atop a remote plateau in Central Peru, hundreds of illusive shapes can be seen in the living rock. Are they merely natural erosion, or were they carved, as some think, by the hand of man? And if so, whose hand, and for what reason?"Monument to Humanity statue.

So begins this fascinating video preview of what I feel is one of the most wonderful spots on the planet. Marcahausi (also spelled Markawasi), Spanish for "many storied house", is located at 12,500' in the Andes Mountains.

The plateau seems to be covered with figures in the rock, which is dioritic porphory (volcanic rock almost as hard as obsidian). But these figures are not fashioned like the statues we are used to in our museums. Rather, they can only been seen from one point of view. If you were to move five feet left or right, the image may no longer be recognizable. My film crew noticed that when you found an ideal viewing spot, there were often steps leading up to it and a little seat carved into the rock right where you were standing.

Upon investigation, we learned that the man responsible for what little is known about Marcahuasi, was Daniel Ruzo, a Peruvian archeologist. He was still alive in 1991, the year we were able to meet him and conduct an extensive interview (his last). With his wife Carola translating for us (both pictured right), we learned of his theories about who created the images in Marcahuasi.

According to the Ruzo's, a previous humanity lived on earth before this one. They were very advanced, able to travel world wide (see Romanian "Sphinx", right). This agrees with many other theories suggesting we are not the first race to reach a degree of developmental sophistication, but probably the fourth or fifth.

The American Indians hold this belief, and in the writings of Plato, we can read about the Athenians being scolded by the Egyptians for not appreciating the "hoary age" of mankind and that they were just children by comparison. The Egyptian priests told the Athenians that mankind had been destroyed four times in the past by natural disasters.



Daniel and Carola Ruzo.
Daniel and Carola Ruzo

Carpathian Sphinx.
"Sphinx" from Romania's Carpathian Mountains

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