Life on Mars?

On May 8, 2001, a press conference was held in New York City which many are calling a scientific milestone.

This event was held to announce the discovery of a new human-like face (photo right), strange tunnels, pyramids and signs of current vegetation on Mars from among the 65,000 recently released NASA/JPL photographs taken by the Mars Global Surveyor.

The press conference presents the extraordinary new face, which is a mile and a quarter wide and is located near Syrtis Major (about 3,000 miles from the famous Sphinx-like face photographed by NASA in the Cydonia region of Mars).

Crowned Face on Mars
Second "face: photographed on Martian Surface.

Historic Press Conference

The announcement was made by Tom Van Flandern, a former Chief Astronomer for the United States Naval Observatory, who is president of Meta Research based in Washington, D.C., Brian O'Leary, a former Apollo scientist-astronaut trained for America's first manned mission to Mars, and Michael C. Luckman, director of the New York Center for UFO Research.


Mars Press Conference
Photo: Michael C. Luckman, Brian O'Leary, Tom Van Flandern
Photo by Sherwin Winick

Tubes on MarsMysterious "glass-like" tubes or tunnels found on the Martian surface.

A series of glass-like tubes (photo left) measuring 60 feet in diameter with exposed 1,000 foot sections and other artificial structures, are proof that Mars once was inhabited by an intelligent civilization. Arthur C. Clarke, who wrote the film "2001" told Van Flandern that he believes that "large life" -- namely vegetation and perhaps even trees, may be present in some of the NASA Mars Global Surveyor photographs. NASA's new Martian probe, the Mars Odyssey, is dedicated to Clarke and should start sending back pictures from the Red Planet about a year from now.

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