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I am Bill Cote, of BC Video. I have been making films and videos for over 20 years, most notably documentary films. The NBC Special “The Mystery of the Sphinx”, which I shot, produced and edited, won an Emmy Award. 

I love to apply this documentary style to filming weddings so I can have fun capturing the spirit and emotion of these special events. For you, this means the video will not be a “cookie-cutter” production, but rather a “one-of-a-kind” keepsake that you will enjoy for its originality and sensitivity.

I am told I see things a little bit differently and I am always trying new ways to capture what interests me… and people, sharing the joyous, loving event of a wedding interests me. I guess I am still the romantic I was when I made my first film in college: “Bananas”…two bananas making love.

Bill Cote

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...To make One, there must be Two - W.H. Auden